Quality in general practice

…PIP QI [Practice Incentive Payment Quality Improvement] is a top-down quality improvement strategy. Funding is based on data extraction for 10 quantitative measures that are shared with the local Primary Health Networks (PHNs). The practice then must engage in a quality improvement project, with vague descriptors of qualifying activities. The secretive nature of negotiations about the content of PIP QI has excluded the medical profession and the people we are trying to treat. The 10 measures are relatively crude, including percentage of patients who smoke, patients with diabetes with recent glycated haemoglobin recording, and patient weight recordings.

These limited measures are far too narrow to assess a complex system such as general practice. Rather than driving quality improvement, the focus becomes one of coding for the purposes of data extraction.

Source: We need to talk about quality in general practice

Interesting post from members of the GPs Down Under Facebook group.