Using measures of patient activation to tailor care for patients with chronic conditions

Colleagues at the Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity and I undertook a scoping review of the use of the Patient Activation Measure (PAM) to tailor case for patients with chronic conditions. The PAM is a widely used scale that appraises whether people are ready and able to manage their own health and engage in self care.

The key points from the review are:

  • PAM has been widely used to tailor care within a variety of patient interventions.
  • Enablers for the use of the PAM to tailor care include leadership and support for focusing on activation, the extent to which PAM was seen as an extension of existing patient care, and the extent to which the activation, and self care in general, was seen as extraneous or not relevant.
  • Further research on use of the PAM to tailor and differentiate care based on activation is needed.

The paper is open access, so you should be able to read and download it – take a look at the article in full.