New US Guidance on Health Impact Assessment

The US National Research Council has released a guidance report on HIA. It “calls for increased education and training, more emphasis on stakeholder involvement and reducing health disparities, and collaboration at all levels of government to support the incorporation of health considerations into decision-making”.

The project to develop the guidance was funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, the California Endowment, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Well worth a look.

More at the HIA Blog.

Book Chapter: Using HIA to address the social determinants of health

Along with colleagues from the UNSW Research Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity and Sydney South West Area Health Population Health we have published a chapter on HIA for a book on the social determinants of health in Australia. The details of the chatper are:

Harris-Roxas B, Maxwell M, Thornell M, Peters S, Harris P. From Description to Action: Using health impact assessment to address the social determinants of health, in Laverty M, Callaghan L (eds) Determining the Future: A Fair Go & Health for All, Connor Court Publishing: Melbourne, p 119-130, 2011. ISBN 9 7819 2142 1952

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