Harris-Roxas Health

Health Impact Consulting

Health Research and Evaluation

An Australian consultancy that offers services in health impact assessment, evaluation, research and capacity building.

Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) identifies the potential health impacts of policies, programs and projects. It leads to evidence informed recommendations to improve decision-making and practice. We are world leaders in HIA through:

  • conducting and supporting more than 30 HIAs and integrated assessments
  • training more than 750 people in HIA
  • publishing more than 25 journal articles, book chapters and reports on HIA.


We specialise in evaluating health programs, planning, and impact assessments. Our capabilities include:

  • undertaking program evaluations
  • developing program logic and evaluation frameworks
  • identifying data requirements and developing minimum data sets
  • quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis
  • reporting clear information that can inform change.

Capacity building

The goal of all our work is to provide usable information that can guide and inform change. We are experienced in:

  • developing and delivering training programs
  • designing projects that develop skills and inform ongoing implementation
  • providing mentoring and project support.