Health Research and Evaluation

Ben Harris-Roxas is a researcher focusing on health impact assessment, integrated care, and health equity. He is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment identifies the potential health impacts of policies, programs and projects before they’re implemented. It leads to evidence-informed recommendations to improve decision-making and practice. Ben’s experience includes:

  • conducting and supporting more than 40 HIAs and integrated assessments
  • training more than 1,000 people in HIA
  • publishing more than 30 journal articles, book chapters, and reports on HIA.

Integrated care

Integrated care involves delivering a more integrated continuum of health care and disease prevention activities, in particular between general practice, hospitals, and health services in the community.  Ben’s research on integrated care looks at:

  • integrated care strategies for local and regional health services
  • analysis of routinely collected administrative data to guide and inform integrated care
  • interventions to enhance shared care in primary health care
  • enhancing the role and recognition of consumers in their own care.

Health equity

Health equity is about reducing avoidable and unfair health differences between groups of people. Ben‘s research on health equity focuses on:

  • intervening to redress health inequities (as opposed to simply describing them)
  • equity focused planning and decision-support tools
  • understanding and meeting the needs of vulnerable populations, such as culturally and linguistically diverse groups and carers
  • community and place-based approaches to enhance health. 

Research Profile