Culture is Key: Towards cultural determinants-driven health policy

Important report from the Lowitja Institute , which outlines a call to action on the cultural determinants of health for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It includes the comprehensive framework below.



Williamson, L., Dent, P., & Bowman, N. (2021). Culture is Key: Towards cultural determinants-driven health policy. Lowitja Institute.

Lowitja Institute International Indigenous Health Conference Conference Statement

1. Nation state governments must reform the way health resources are shared. Community health initiatives and programs that are built on place-based knowledge must be supported and recognised for the leadership and expertise they contain.
2. Indigenous ways of knowing, being and doing are norms and should not be marginalised. They are not alternatives; they are not perspectives: they are our lived truth. 
3. Our health is connected to our land and our seas. As Indigenous peoples of the world we are the protectors of these sacred lands and waters. It is our responsibility to connect our knowledges for positive change. 
4. We have the right to our own institutions where we mentor our emerging thinkers, where we speak our truths, where we celebrate our ways of being
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